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Mr.Ds originally started out due to a lack of quality desserts that weren’t filled with additives, food colors and preservatives. Many products had the eye appeal but lacking in the taste we were hoping for. This is where Mr.Ds journey began, to make the best possible desserts using the purest quality ingredients available. Shortly after my wife was diagnosed with celiac disease, as well as our daughter. I had to learn to make all products gluten free which was a whole new learning experience compared to regular baking.

After some time of experimenting through trial and error, MrDs was able to create a unique flour blend where we do not use any gums or starches in any of our products. Our kitchen is strictly gluten free so there is no cross contamination. No matter which product you choose you will find they are moist and full of flavor without the strange aftertaste that many products have.

Many of our desserts can also be made dairy free. We strive for excellence in everything we bake.

Our Products


All Mr.Ds cheesecakes are baked with only the finest gluten free ingredients available. Pure cream cheese, fine European chocolate, fresh cream and 100% pure fruit flavorings giving you the customer, gourmet quality cheesecakes of the highest standard.

Fudge Brownies

All Mr.Ds gourmet fudge brownies are baked with extra fine rice flour, fine European chocolate, pure vanilla, fresh eggs and cream to give you a rich silky smooth taste sensation. A fudge brownie everyone will truly enjoy.

Gourmet Cakes

Mr D’s Gourmet Gluten Free Cakes are the best gluten free cakes you will try….

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